ZI8 Coworking &
Event Space in Vienna

Every boss

needs their own desk

ZI8 is not only a coworking cafe with the working desks for rent, but also a community which gathers in a creative atmosphere (which you fill all over the former workshop). The concept of our coworking center is to allow you accomplish your best ideas, plans and to give you an opportunity to stay after a working day watching football together, run your closed photo exhibition, make a mini-party, play a board games, etc….

Have an idea to make an event, but don’t know how to manage it? Do not hesitate to contact us – we are open for cooperation.

Shared space is not only creates the finest working conditions for developers, designers, entrepreneurs and all other ingenious persons, but also gives you an opportunity to cooperate, help and brainstorm.

Our Facilities


Free & fast

Event Space

Including techniqual equipment


A3, A4 color printing and scanning (fair use)

Monitor rent

Free, depending on availability


Free coffee (fair use)

ZI8 is a 200 square meters

of a creative space

Shared coworking space located on the ground and lower ground floors, it presents the original 20th century industrial retro style supplemented with contemporary elements. Moreover, the interior project of creative coworking space as well as renovation works is a self-made accomplish of the owners.

Communal office and event spaces are planned and designed to meet the highest expectations of any customer. The whole co-working space consists of: open space area, event and conference room, lounge zone, fully equipped kitchen and 2 bathrooms. Modern design and clever planning makes the place comfortable and suitable for the achieving your goals. We create perfect conditions for you to find your ideal collaborative community.


Working Place Fix



Access 24/7 (key)
Own dedicated fixed desk
Kitchen & coffee (fair use)
A3-A4 color printing and scanning (fair use)
Private locker
Conference room (fair use)

Working Place Flex



Access mon-frid 9am-6pm
Any available desk
Kitchen & coffee (fair use)
A3-A4 color printing and scanning (fair use)
Conference room (50% discount)
Event space (50% discount)

Virtual Office



Registered business address
Any free desk 1 day/month
Usage of conference room 2hrs/month

Event Space



Fully customizable space
Underfloor heating
Projector, Flipchart, Loudspeaker included
Cleaning included

*All prices are in Euro, VAT not included

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