Do you love where you work?

This article I am writing in the office, where I spend minimum 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Articles are not my main job, it is kind of a hobby. However, I was asked to accomplish this article by the end of the week. In the office I do absolutely different work. Nevertheless, I use the workplace to complete this short write-up. The main reason of my disability to finish it at home was lack of concentration. During last weekend I made several attempts to start and finish this essay, however all of my efforts were unsuccessful.

Definitely, not everyone meet the same issue. Some people are born to work at home. But for those of us, who cannot accomplish the task with the 100% of productivity during they stay at home, this article will be an interesting thing to read.

Today, I want to speak about the place you work and your attitude towards it. Do you love where you work? Sounds like regular question without any special answer needed. However, recent days changed my opinion. If someone would ask me whether I love to work at home? My answer would be positive. Indeed, I imagined total freedom, unlimited coffee, free time to manage some private issues. Moreover, I should admit that work at home will allow you to have all of imagined “advantages”.

The decisive question is what “work” means for you? If you perceive the “work” as efficiency, productivity and implementation of plans on time, I should say that working at home is not for you. Unless, you are a master of organization and can completely cut off from domestic issues.

I suddenly understood, that all imagine advantages can easily become the disadvantages of working at home. Freedom can cause overrelaxed feeling and affect the final result of the work as well as deadlines, which I had. As a result, due to the unsuccessful goals achievement the tension and dissatisfaction grows. I believe, that because of that a lot of people losing their faith and potential jobs, projects, etc.  Sometimes even, we stop doing things that once brought us many positive emotions. We give up hobbies that could easily become our source of income. Big disappointment to understand that fact, isn’t it?

Definitely, I can continue writing about working at home and in the office. However, let’s assume that we have picked up the solution and made up the decision to work in the office. Is the office work a perfect solution? And what should we do if any of us is a self-employed or a freelancer? Definitely, there is no perfect solution. Some people dreaming about corporations and perfect offices with your own box or even cabinet. For the rest of us there are numerous coworking spaces. I will be honest to you that I have not visited a lot of it. However, the one I have visited, was the most suitable for me. ZI8 in Vienna is a friendly, cosy and pleasant place to make your job done. For me it was comfortable place. I had a possibility to drown in my own thoughts and create. If you are staying in Vienna and thinking to become a part of coworking community, I strongly advise ZI8 as one of the best coworking in Vienna, Austria. If you do not stay in Vienna, move there. It is definitely great city to live in. ?

Finally, if you are not in Vienna and have no possibility to move there, how should you chose your beloved working space?  How to be definite, answering the question “Do you love where you work” ? Couple strong advices from the person who changed couple offices and stayed there for a while:

  1. Physical comfort – not the main criterion, but quite important one. Comfortable chair and desk, good lighting will influence not only your mental health, but also a physical one. Well-known fact that mental and physical health harmony is a basis of successful people.
  2. Atmosphere – mental comfort is one of the most important criterion. The atmosphere has the greatest impact on whether you want to go to the office in the morning, whether you fill creative mood, whether you are ready to create and explore.
  3. Additional comfort – all the small advantages gathered in one place can make your day much better. High quality coffee, lounge area, kitchen with a separate space to eat, comfortable toilet, smiling administrator extremely important things to have in whether in coworkign space or any other office.

All in all, do not forget that we spend at work 60% of our lives. It is up to you whether you want to spend half of your life being happy, successful and profitable. There is one thing about it I am 100% sure about, if we love where work – we definitely love what we do.