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Saturday April 22nd, 2017

This is difficult to make someone surprised by a co-working space nowadays. Therefore, we want to take you back 108 years ago. Our story starts in year 1909, when the “Glass, picture frame and canvas workshop” appears in Vienna’s Alsergrund (nowadays 9th district of Vienna). More than one century had left for it to become a place where now you can implement your plans and dreams, using just your brain and laptop. The interior with a brick vaults and concrete floor will take you back to the century of creativeness and high development, it will make your brainstorming more efficient.

We were looking for a place where we can release our imagination, where we can gather the people with the same and similar ideas, manage interesting events and create a community of common thinking and creative people. We found it, so now we offer 200 square meters of functional and stylish space for your work, event, conference and private meeting with your potential clients.

ZI8  is a Coworking and Event Space with a self-created interior design project and self-made renovation. Developing and upgrading it we created something, what we can be proud of today.

Our Coworking Space is not only a working desk for rent, but also a crew which gathers in a creative atmosphere (which you fill all over the former workshop) to accomplish their ideas, plans and gives you an opportunity to stay after a working day watching football together, run your closed photo exhibition, make a mini-party, play a board games, etc.

We introduce you a place with it’s own character, history and benefits. We invite you to join our team and insure you that the working day can be much more interesting and diverse. We guarantee you privacy and comfort together with a possibility of meeting a new people and creating a team of passionate individuals, connected by ideology and willingness to develop.

Finally, we are ready to show you that working is not boring and exhausting, as everyone thinks.

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