How to find the right Coworking space?

Whether you are working as a freelancer, an office manager or CEO, you think about the place where you work. Nothing strange, due to the fact that average person spends around 90 000 hours (more than 10 years!) at work over their lifetime. Your working space has an influence on your professional abilities, creativeness, mood and even your appetite (scientifically proven). Of course, if you are a freelancer, an architect, a graphic designer or making your own start up, the most convenient for you is to find the coworking space. Easy solution, but the main question is: how to choose the best coworking space? Due to my short but reach experience, I decided to give you some tips in finding your ideal coworking community.

How to choose the best coworking space

First of all, you should ask yourself, what exactly am I looking for? Is it reasonable price without a fixed working place? Am I ready to invest a bit more and have an opportunity to put my Christmas family photo on my fixed desk? As soon as you have chosen the option with the working place, you can proceed with the following important information:

  • Does your option include: limited/unlimited printing, comfortable chair, size of the desk?
  • Can you register your company there?
  • Is there any options of the outdoor advertising?
  • What are the working hours of the coworking space? Is there a possibility to work 24/7?

Secondly, you might need a place for meeting your clients/partners, presenting your ideas and new products. Therefore, check if there is a meeting room and if you can use it? Don’t forget to check the equipment of the conference room (whiteboard, flipchart, projector, enough of seats). The location of coworking space might be a good advantage for you and your partners or clients. So don’t be lazy and check how far is the bus or metro station and how long does it take to reach the coworking space from the city centre. Coworking is not only a desk service, it is a place when you can exchange the ideas, cooperate and find the investors for your start up. It is the place where you collaborate and meet new friends. Most of the people in coworking will become your colleagues and coffee mates for next couple months. That is why you should ask the manager about the people and organizations, which are registered in the coworking, as well as about people who work there and type of their activity. Finally, the most important in coworking is the access to coffee and tasty snacks. Definitely, those two things will make your everyday office life full of joy, colours and motivation. Good luck!  

© Alex from Warsaw with love