How Many Hours a Week Are You Actually Working?

Today in the world is more and more clearly traced the tendency of growth of people that prefer to work as a freelancer.  Distance working is a future we need to get used to – if believe the estimates, by 2025 the number remote workers will increase up to 3 billion people.

Nevertheless, it’s a mistake to believe that working outside the office is easy and simple, and is possible to everyone. In fact, it requires a great discipline, self-organization and the ability of time coordination.

It’s a Question of Time

In your opinion, how many hours should you work a week? Many people think that freelancing is akin to rest, and is just enough to work a couple of hours a day, so then to start doing personal things and leisure. But the real state of things isn’t so bloomy. A lot of polls conducted among freelancers from all countries prove the fact that the actual time of work at home is several times greater than the office activity.

The whole point is that the freelancer is his own boss and subordinate. As a result, there are many cases when working time isn’t standardized due to the complexity of the performance of these two roles in the same time. in addition, there are still several reasons why the working time at home is unstable and unpredictable. Home chores, family, distracting pauses for an interesting film, talking with friends, or viewing social networks – all these things steal the time of a productive work, forcing you to spend more time on the project than you’ve expected in advance. To solve a similar problem were invented coworking spaces.

What is the new concept of CoWorking all about

The first coworking space was created in 2005 by a programmer Brad Neuberg. The idea was to take on rent a lodgment which would be something between a home and a working office. But a notable feature was that the office at once was rented by several people, who were working remotely, but didn’t want to spend time of being home. Today coworking is a great alternative to working at home, which allows to increase the effectiveness of your activity and get to know other fellow thinkers. To work in this environment, you only should pay a fee, but the rates in different coworkings may differ. Coworking is the best productivity environment, because it allows you to focus exclusively on the workflow.

For whom working in CoWorkings is suitable?

In the first place, coworking is a workplace for people whose source of income is a computer and Internet. They are journalists, bloggers, start-uppers, designers, programmers, translators, etc. For such people, it’s often useful to communicate with like-minded people. If you’re working at home, you must give an answer for question “Do you love where you work?”. If it’s hard for you to give an unambiguous answer, and the only thing that comes to mind are the moments that distract you from your work, then coworking spaces were created just for you.

Key Advantages of CoWorking

Many freelancers don’t understand why to spend money on a rent of a place for working. Using a coworking space has a lot of undeniable benefits.

  • each coworking has a meeting-room, where you can organize business meetings with customers and employers;
  • in coworkings you can find all necessary office equipment, which can be too expensive for you budget;
  • to maintain the productive atmosphere, many coworkings offer free tea, coffee and snacks.
  • many modern coworking offer the services of a lawyer, an accountant and even a secretary;
  • the presence of a place where you can dress beautifully, make a haircut and watch out of yourself;
  • how much time is too much for working at home? At coworking places you spend less time for the projects for which you don’t have enough time at home.
  • while working in such spaces you can make interesting acquaintances and partnerships: with the new contacts, you can discuss different ideas or project particularities;
  • you can work with a high-speed internet;
  • coworkings has a discipline and schedule that don’t allow you to laze and distract from your project;
  • such work environment has special desks where you can sign yours to do list, and kitchens where you can cook a lunch.
  • coworking places have a technical support, the premises are cleaned regularly, and it is also the presence of the guard.

Today the coworkings are actively appearing in England, Germany, Austria, Japan and many other countries. If you’re searching, for example, a Coworking Space in Vienna, you should know that such cities are rich for this type of “office”, allowing every single self-employed to find the most comfortable working conditions for himself. Choosing to move on coworking areas is the best solution for people who want to combine a distance work with the productivity atmosphere of an office.